Needle Felting

Needle felt pumpkin

Needle felt pumpkin

What is needle felting?

Needle Felting: an ancient art dating to the Greek and Roman era. It was used to create warm, semi-water proof clothing items.

Needle Felting is a dry process using mainly wool roving and specialty barbed needles. Wool roving is wool that has been cleaned and dyed (or natural) but not yet spun into thread/fiber. It looks like fluff.

You can “flat” felt which is felting onto another surface such as wool, denim, any dense fabric. Or you can sculpt the roving into anything your imagination can dream up. The main trick is NOT to have your fingers and needles in the same spot at the same time – the needles are extremely sharp!

I have become totally captivated with Needle Felting. When I sit down with needles and roving I usually have a creation in mind, other times it's a work in progress.

Frank is a major pumpkin person, so I designed a needle felted pumpkin just for him (pictured above)! This was my first jump into the craft – two weeks later I was teaching a class in Needle Felting. Sculpting seems to come naturally to me and with a vivid (or is it warped?!) imagination, the only limitation with needle felting seems to be enough time to dedicate to it. Good thing I’m a night owl.

We will be teaching Needle Felting Classes – watch for an update to the schedule...we’re in the process of getting our calendar organized.

Whatever your needle of choice is – embroidery, needle punch, or needle felting - may you always have fun with it!

To help you along your needle felting way, we're happy to provide the information below:

Download all needle felting tips here!


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